Argentina: online gaming legislation approved in Cordoba province


The unicameral legislature of Cordoba approved on December 26 the Bill N ° 34270 / L / 21, which establishes the regulation of online gambling activity in its various modalities within the Argentine province.

The law will regulate online gaming by creating a Register of online gaming licenses, in order to collaborate “with the State in the detection and eradication of illegal games, in the fight against fraud and delinquency”.

Legislators Orlando Arduh, Silvia Paleo, Darío Capitani, Raúl Recalde, and Alberto Ambrosio, who are the authors of the initiative, stressed that “this is a proposal for a regulation which has already been proposed in different parts of the country”.

During parliamentary discussions, there were changes in the regulations which allowed the number of licensees who can participate as companies or under the modality of transitional business unit (UTE) to be increased from 5 to 10, the the duration has been reduced from 20 to 15 years and the possible penalties and fines have been increased.

All online versions of casino games, sports betting, lotteries and other “as defined by the rules”, in which “sums of money are threatened on future and uncertain results, whether the degree of skill of the players predominates or whether it is exclusively luck or chance”, are included in the regulations.

On the other hand, the regulation establishes subjective prohibitions access for minors, the individuals that appear in the Register of non-paying maintenance debtors, and shareholders or gaming licensees, among others.

In the vote count, the bill obtained 46 votes in favor, 17 against and one abstention. The entire opposing party rejected the bill except for the five lawmakers who promoted it. In addition, three members of the ruling party -Mariana Caserio, Doris Mansilla and Miguel Maldonado- also expressed their opposition, while Matías Chamorro was the only one to abstain.


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