Women’s interest in online gambling is on the rise


The gambling market is constantly evolving around the world. One of the most notable changes in recent times is the way women have increased their participation in gambling activities. Although many people still believe that men gamble more, statistics have shown that women gamble as much as men.

A recent study by the British Gambling Commission provides some statistics on this. For example, approximately 42% of women surveyed agreed to have participated in gambling activities in the past month.

According to the research, women between the ages of 35 and 54 are the most likely group to gamble, accounting for around 32% of the total number of female gamers. Older and younger age groups also play, but at slightly lower rates.

What gambling activities do women participate in?

The study further reveals that most women in the UK participate in activities such as scratch cards, bingo and lotteries (especially National Lottery draws) online. In addition to this, young women like to play with their friends in private and play slot machines in physical arcades and arcades.

Women tend to prefer fast-paced games, so you might not find them playing table and card games that involve difficult strategies. However, many are interested in fast card games like Andar Bahar online for real money. Luckily, there are fast versions of many table games online these days, which means women can try out more.

Why do women gamble?

As mentioned, women gamble as much as men, but the difference is mainly in their motivation to gamble. According to the UKGC survey, most men said they gambled for fun. On the contrary, the women claimed that they bet to win. Also, motivations such as loss, escape, grief, and abandonment are more common among women.

These motivations have always been there, but the difference in today’s world is that women can easily access gambling platforms. For example, today there are many online casinos and sportsbooks. Not only are these game centers online, but they are also easily accessible through mobile devices. Hence the increased participation of women.

The feeling of security and anonymity provided by online betting sites further encourages women to register. The UKGC study reveals that around 43% of female gamers who played online used their smartphone in 2018, a growth of 5% from the previous year.

Problem gambling in women

Although many reports show that men are more likely to be problem gamblers than women, it is still important to study the problem in women. Most compulsive gamblers do it for two reasons: boredom and loneliness. Women who use gambling to remedy loneliness and boredom are at a higher risk of becoming problem gamblers.

Although men are more likely to be problem gamblers, they tend to be more knowledgeable about help resources than women. According to reports, women who purchased self-exclusion products only make up about 1%. The UKGC and many other gambling regulators around the world work to educate people, especially women, about the support tools available to help them control their activities.


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