Kentucky woman wins $111,000 by showing her mom how to play the lottery online | New


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — A Kentucky woman has won more than $110,000 by showing her mother how to play an online lottery game.

In a statement, the Kentucky Lottery said Lisa Maltese of Prospect, Kentucky was visited by her mother from Florida last Friday when she decided to show her how to play Celtic Coins Jackpot Instant Play on the website. of the lottery.

“I called my mom into the room and we sat down in front of my laptop. I wanted to show her step by step how to play,” Maltese told lottery officials.

After betting $5, Maltese said the screen started going into a bonus “coin frenzy” highlighting different parts of the game. Then a pyramid appeared with a message saying “Congratulations, you’ve won 111,615 $.38.”

“I couldn’t believe it. It was so nice having my mum sitting next to me,” Maltese said.

After confirming the win in their online account. Maltese shared the news with her husband, Dan, who thought she was joking.

The Maltese wasted no time getting to the Kentucky Lottery headquarters. She was in downtown Louisville a few hours later to pick up her winnings. She won $79,246.90, after taxes.

Maltese said she and her husband were taking time off to let the win sink in, but would likely use some of the money to take a nice vacation.

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